Acres of Fun at Greenfield Primary School

Dreamteam are a volunteer group consisting of green fingered and enthusiastic parents, caretakers and dinner ladies, working tirelessly together to help develop the school grounds at Greenfield Primary School. 

Dreamteam were formed three years ago, when they recognised the overgrown school garden needed a bit of tender loving care. They offered to grow vegetables in the school grounds and unbeknownst to them this was the start of something big. Dreamteam have been making jams and chutneys from the school-grown produce to help raise well needed funds for the school. They also share their knowledge with the school children, teaching them how plants grow and where food comes from.

The Tesco Bags of Help grant will help develop an adjoining area of land, which is currently unused. Not only will it provide acres of fun for the school children, but also help develop a community growing area, build a poly-tunnel and plant fruit trees. Elderly people who cannot grow vegetables anymore will be encouraged to take a plot. Children will then dig the plot and plant the vegetables on their behalf. The elderly people will then share their knowledge of plants, birds and bees with the children. This will help foster mutual respect between the generations and build links with the school and the local community. The drive for this project is that when people in the community are in need, they know there are people who will help. “With a bit of hard graft and some wonga, we can have a lot of fun” says Sally Wheatley, Treasurer of Dreamteam.

Furthermore, it will be highly influential to those children who struggle with learning in the classroom, providing a safe, secure area where they can learn outside. It is hoped that children will take pride in their environment and develop respect for the school grounds.

If you would like to make a difference to these children’s lives and those of the wider community, helping to open their eyes to the wonders of nature, then please vote for them in the following Tesco stores:

  • Bolton on Dearne Express
  • Carlton Road Barnsley Express
  • Hoyland
  • Wombwell Sth York Express
  • Barnsley Huddersfield Express
  • Barnsley Extra
  • Penistone

 To find out more about this school visit

If you are interested in applying for the Tesco Bags of Help Grants Programme, you can find out all the information you need here.


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