Bringing Heritage Alive in Bentley and Arksey

Bentley was at its industrial peak in the late 1960s, with Bentley Colliery producing 17,000 tons of coal a week, putting the productivity of the pit in the top ten in the country. 

Bentley Colliery was a large operation; needing over a thousand workers not only underground but also above ground, to work in the stockyards, winding rooms, offices, control rooms and associated facilities. Many people moved from nearby counties to fill these positions and new housing estates were built to house the new workers. Bentley has become one of the most deprived areas in the UK, due to the closure of Bentley Colliery in 1993. Despite this, Bentley & Arksey are something of a little gem, with a wealth of historic sites to explore and discover.

The Tesco Bags of Help grant will help restore two Pinfolds, which are Grade II listed, ancient monuments. Pinfolds are a type of enclosure where stray livestock (such as sheep, pigs and cattle) would be kept until claimed by their owners or sold to cover the costs of impounding. These pinfolds in Bentley and Arksey, have since fallen into disrepair and are over-run with non-native plant species. The aim is to strip away all the plants, and replant with heritage species and return the pinfolds to their former glory. Working with the Bentley Historical Society, it will give local people the opportunity to take pride in their heritage and their community once again.

In addition, given enough funding, Bentley Allotment Association would like to improve access to the allotments and convert a large piece of land into a growing area. "Our job in society is to reach peoples potential, whatever that maybe" says James Pearson, a Volunteer at the Bentley Allotment Association. It is hoped that making improvements to the allotment, will help increase social interaction and build links in the local community, as well as providing educational opportunities and develop people's skillset. 

If you would like to help bring heritage alive and restore community spirit, then please vote for Bentley in the following Tesco stores:

  • Armthorpe Doncaster Extra
  • Doncaster Barnsley Express
  • Bentley Doncaster Express
  • Wheatley Doncaster Express
  • Wentworth Rd Doncaster Express
  • Station Rd Hatfield Express
  • Bessacar Doncaster Express
  • Doncaster Extra
  • Doncaster Edenthorpe

If you are interested in applying for the Tesco Bags of Help Grants Programme, you can find out all the information you need here.


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