Digging the new Royston Allotments!

An allotment site in Royston has expanded to cope with an increasing demand for plots in the village. 

As part of the management and maintenance of Barnsley allotments, Groundwork also work on improving allotment sites across the area. This includes the development of new plots to help reduce waiting lists (circa 900 people on waiting lists across Barnsley).

Groundwork were requested to meet and evaluate the Royston sites with the local Councillors, to discuss the potential for creating more available plots that could be offered to those on waiting lists. It was agreed that the best option for developing more plots would be the site at West End Crescent which had a significant area of allotment land being used for grazing purposes. The cost to change the grazing land into allotment plots was £12,660 which was funded 50/50 by Royston Ward Alliance and the Parks Services department in BMBC.

In Summer 2016 grazing tenants were given notice and by the end of January 2017 the new allotments were completed creating 40 allotment plots at a minimum 180 sqm each. 

All plots were taken by those on the waiting list in Royston as soon as they became available.

The improvements included: 

  • Dismantling and removal of derelict fencing & gates.
  • Construction of new perimeter fencing in certain areas, and repair to existing fence.
  • Creation of 40 additional full size allotment plots including gate access to each.
  • Fenced segregation to all new plots.
  • Removal/disposal of all waste.

Allotments have many benefits to the people who work them, such as health improvements (physical and mental), healthy eating, family togetherness, money saving, improved social capital and somewhere to go to get away from the daily routine and stresses.

The cost on an allotment tenancy in Barnsley, on a full size plot with water, works out at less than £1.50 per week representing great value for money.


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