1. What should I wear on the day? 

Trousers and long sleeved tops protect you from cuts and scratches; sturdy boots for where the ground is uneven or muddy. If we  make a fire, be aware that falling ash and sparks burns holes in clothes, so you may want to wear old clothes or tie your hair back. You will be outdoors for the majority of the time, so wear sun hat, waterproofs, thermals as appropriate to the weather conditions on the day. In addition, you may want to bring insect repellent or sunscreen with you.

We will provide you with protective gloves. 

There is also an option to purchase branded clothing for the day. 

2. Can I add more people to my booking? 

Yes, for an additional cost. Please refer to our prices. Please specify the exact number of your group eight weeks before the date of event.

3. When do I have to book by?

Ideally eight weeks prior to the event. We may be able to accommodate a shorter notice period, just enquire and we can discuss.

4. Is this available all year round?

Yes. There are conservation tasks to do at Rabbit Ings all year round.

5. Is this suitable for people with disabilities?

Rabbit Ings Country Park is accessible for disabled people. An extensive network of footpaths comprised mainly of non-bonded crushed material. Most are in excess of 2.5 metres wide, but there are narrower trails through wooded areas which are unsurfaced. Paths vary in gradient from flat to 1:10 or steeper. There are a limited number of seating areas at varied intervals throughout the woodland, most in excess of 500m apart. Access onto site is through access control barriers which permit motorised buggies.

We are happy to discuss our activities with you, discuss your abilities and disabilities and any special arrangements we may need to make.

6. Are there toilets on site?

Yes. Toilets are located at the back of the Visitor Centre, by the car park.

7. Do you cater for all dietary requirements?

Yes. We cater for all dietary requirements. *Please specify on booking.*

8. Can you park at Rabbit Ings?

There is a FREE car park at Rabbit Ings, with spaces for 50 cars.

9. Do you provide transport to/from the site?

Yes. We are able to organise pick up to/from an agreed location for an additional costs. *Please specify on booking*

10. Could we make the day more competitive?

Yes – for example with pond dipping/bug hunting, you could be organised into teams to record & identify as many species as you can. The team that has found the most species wins a prize!  We will work with you to create the best experience for your group.

11. Do you offer a discount for block bookings?

Yes. We are happy to discuss this at time of booking.

12. Can we bring our children?

Unfortunately, team away days are for adults only. However we offer a variety of FREE family events at Rabbit Ings throughout the year – these are advertised through the Facebook Group here (so keep checking!): https://www.facebook.com/rabbitings/

13. Any other questions?

Please email Lizzie Joyce: Lizzie.Joyce@Groundwork.org.uk or Phil Hayes: Philip.Hayes@Groundwork.org.uk

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