Kiddy Craggin’ at Pitsmoor Adventure Playground

Pitsmoor Adventure Playground was council-owned up until 2013, when the council announced its closure due to a lack of funding.

The local community rallied together and campaigned to save the playground, but were sadly the council went ahead with their plans. Determined to keep the playground open, however, members of the local community decided to come together to run the playground as an independent charity, which they set up in 2015. Since then, they have been driven in making improvements and now employ staff to help manage the site & keep the children safe, as well as getting new play equipment.

The playground provides a safe haven for children to play in an area where there are high levels of deprivation in terms of education; housing and employment; problems with crime; anti-social behaviour; over-crowding and lack of access to green spaces.

Funding from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme will create a bouldering wall for children to climb on. Climbing is a fun and challenging sport that gives children a new and interesting way to keep fit and healthy. It also helps teach them about trust, patience, perseverance and problem-solving and “is a place that makes children resilient and strong” says Fran Belbin, Finance and Fundraising Manager. These skills translate well, when faced with difficult challenges in life.

Climbing has also recently been approved as a new Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020, with bouldering featuring as one of the major disciplines. As such, the creation of a bouldering wall in the playground will serve as a good introduction to the sport, with regular trips to the Peak District National Park to see local crags giving children further encouragement. In an area which is well-known for its climbing ‘hall of fame’, this bouldering wall will help create a better future for these children. Perhaps we will see some future Olympic athletes starting their lives here!

The bigger the grant, the grander the boulder, with nets and arches being incorporated into the design, making it more inclusive to different age groups and other types of play.

If you would like to help give these children a better future, please vote for them in the following Tesco stores:

  • Chapeltown Express
  • Kelham Island Express
  • Sheffield Barnsley Express
  • Sheffield Edward St Express
  • Sheffield Dykes H Express
  • Sheffield Church Express
  • Sheffield Savile Extra
  • Southey
  • Sheffield West Street Metro
  • Sheffield Eyre Lane Express
  • Sheffield Infirmary

More information about Pitsmoor Adventure Playground visit

If you are interested in applying for the Tesco Bags of Help Grants Programme, you can find out all the information you need here.

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