Our team plant 400 trees in a day!

Five Groundwork South Yorkshire staff spent the day at the Eastern Moors and managed to plant 400 new trees!

A small group from Groundwork South Yorkshire spent the day at the Eastern Moors to volunteer for the The Woodland Creation Project.


The project is managed by the Eastern Moors Partnership, a joint initiative between the National Trust and the RSPB, looking after 10 square miles of upland in the Peak District National Park, high above the western fringes of Sheffield.


The project itself is funded by the Forestry Commission’s English Woodland Creation Grant Scheme (EWGS). Over this winter, the team are hoping to plant 7000 trees. These trees, which have been plotted specifically to link existing woodlands together, will create a 'green corridor' which will support birds through part of their migratory journey, by establishing woodland along migration routes.


The team from Groundwork South Yorkshire consisted of Neil Hodgson (Finance Director), Kirsty Murphy (Business Development Officer), Verity Hunt (Enterprise Camp Coordinator), Laura Bilinski (Marketing and Communications Officer) and veteran Eastern Moors volunteer and Groundwork South Yorkshire’s valued Trustee, Charles Lees. 


The staff at Eastern Moors were impressed by the team's dedication and the 400 trees that were planted will, without doubt, make a huge impact in the future. 

In order to plant the required number of trees, volunteers are essential. If you are interested in volunteering on this fantastic and inspiring project, please visit the Eastern Moors website and contact them to organise a suitable day.


Laura Bilinski spoke about her experience at the Moors:

“We were really impressed with the volunteering day that Bryony and her team at Eastern Moors provided. We had a brief induction to explain what we were doing and we were taught how to correctly plant trees. After a couple of hours, we enjoyed lunch on a piece of tarpaulin right in the middle of the Moors! It was definitely the most dramatic and exhilarating picnic I’ve ever had!

My favourite part was when we planted a lone oak tree. Both Charles and I stood back – thinking about the tiny little twig in the ground – and what it would turn out to be years down the line. We both took note of the location so that we could one day return.

At the end, Bryony informed us that we’d planted 400 trees and I don’t think anyone could really believe it! The sense of satisfaction was immense. I’d encourage anyone to give this a go – even just for a day. It really will make you proud of your work.”



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