Part 2: Royston Allotment Improvements

Last year, Groundwork South Yorkshire took over the management of various allotment sites in Royston, Barnsley. It soon became clear that two sites, Jubilee Fields and Poplar Terrace, were in need of some improvement so that they could be fully enjoyed by the tenants.

This series will chronicle the changes that have taken place thanks to the hard work and determination of the Groundwork South Yorkshire team.

Part 2: The Progress

As you saw in Part 1 of the series, these sites had been neglected for a very long time. Household waste including old desks, tyres and general rubbish had been allowed to build up around the site. 

Not only this, but large areas of the site were overgrown and much of the land was not in a state that could be rented out to potential plot holders. 

The Groundwork team decided to come up with a plan to remove the waste, cut back the overgrowth and construct a series of fences and plot dividers so that the site was more pleasant for the current clients and also to give the chance of renting a plot out to those on the waiting list. 

Problems included fly tipping, stray and unauthorised livestock and general poor upkeep by the plot holder. 


Hard graft and perseverance led to skip after skip being filled up with the rubbish that had been left on site. 


The team mapped out the fencing plans in order to create additional plots on the newly cleared land. 


A larger fence was also constructed to neaten up the borders of the site itself and to cordon off the areas which have previously been blighted by fly tipping. 


Coming up

In Part 3: After, find out how the allotments are looking now, after all the work.

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We manage and maintain allotments on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.
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